Who the heck is the Pot Pie Girl and why should I care?

Who is PotPieGirl?

PotPieGirl is the username of Jennifer Ledbetter. She lives in suburban Atlanta where she runs her affiliate marketing business. Since 2007, PotPieGirl has been a internet marketer. She has recently released her own product called One Week Marketing. She has made approximately $150,000 last year through a combination of affiliate marketing and marketing her own product.

PotPieGirl Secrets

How did PotPieGirl achieve her success? PotPieGirl began as an affiliate marketer. She primarily uses Squidoo pages or lenses to promote affiliate offers. She has been a member of Squidoo since 2007. She is a popular lensmaster and Squidoo member.

Squidoo is a web 2.0 property that allows its members to construct web pages. No knowledge of HTML is required, simple content. This separates Squidoo from the earlier websites like Yahoo Geocities. Geocities made it possible for you to own a website, but you were required to know HTML. Squidoo has a user interface (much like HubPages) that allows you to simply add content and create a web page. Best of all, Squidoo has considerable page rank and your page will benefit from being hosted there.  This is why PotPieGirl recommends Squidoo.

Can You Benefit From PotPieGirl?

PotPieGirl target audience is the new affiliate marketer.  Her strategy is low cost method of entry into the affiliate marketing game.  You do not need to buy a domain or create your own website.  One Week Marketing relies on Squidoo to perform those functions.  The main appeal of PotPieGirl is zero or low cost marketing for the newcomer.  

An experienced marketer is unlikely to be impressed with content of the course.  The methods described are very well know methods of bum marketing.  However, you might still be able to benefit from PotPieGirls marketing plan.  It is a checklist guiding you from one step to the next.  It can supply structure to a disorganized affiliate effort.



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